About AME

American Media Electronics was founded in 1990 by Jeff DiMarco.

With a degree in Music Performing arts and a Certification in Audio Engineering he realized that there was strong service need in the Custom Audio Video market.
“We never try to sell the same system over and over. Each client and their lifestyle are different for each other. Some want complex and some want very simple. It’s not the size of the project, our goal is to Integrate and Simplify your system. We stand by our designs and work hard to achieve perfect harmony with each and every customer.Our tech’s are punctual and trained periodically on all the latest technology in this ever-changing digital environment.” – Jeff DiMarco

Residential computer networking

Today’s products are all about networking.

We analyze the home network and build a tight robust infrastructure to allow communications to take place.

And when Customers need access from different locations, we provide the networking systems to communicate with the latest apps on the market.

Premium Multiroom Sound Systems

High fidelity is still alive, we make the most out of the MP3 format. Our Premium Audio Systems give clients the fullest sound possible within their architectural design.

True THX home theaters will rock and rumble when listening or watching a video program. With a touch of a button….get ready for Total Control. Prepared be blown away with an entertainment experience like never before. “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!”

Custom Audio/Visual installation

Every project takes on its own challenges and we design your system around you. From TV’s that come out of the wall, to articulating brackets that move on their own, to invisible speakers you can hear but not see.  We work with your designers, decorators, architects, and household members to conceptualize a truly one of a kind system

High Definition Golf

Interaction with our electronics happens every day. From picking up your cell phone to playing games on the video player.

Our Hi-Def Golf simulators bring video gaming to life. Screens that range from 120″-220″ our clients are playing, practicing and perfecting their games inside their homes. These systems can be fun for all ages as well as playing a round of golf at the next party. Swing analysis can be done with a touch of a button from perfectly placed high-speed cameras.

When you’re not playing the golf, the screen can double as a home theater projection monitor.